KOCH Development is So. Cal’s leading Green Building Pioneer bringing two generations of Home Building experience and heritage. We separate ourselves from our competition by understanding and leveraging Building Science by holding LEED, BuilditGreen and BPI Building Credentials. We are approved by So. Cal Edison and The Gas Company to perform Home Energy Audits as part of a Statewide Energy Saving Rebate Program entitled KOCH Development offers a complete package of building value ranging from New Home Building, Retrofits and Remodels, Home Performance Testing, Rebate Leveraging and Owner / Builder Consultation, all directed at providing you the greatest ROI on your building investment.

GREEN Payback principals:



Employing and leveraging any and all government subsidized environmental building financial relief and tax breaks. Thanks for the free money Uncle Sam!



Choosing very carefully the selected building materials which are scientifically proven to provide the highest efficiency for your new development



Offering the absolute smallest carbon footprint to build your Dream Home. Your kids and grandkids will thank you for it!

Open The Door

KOCH Development builds tomorrow’s new home today. Our green building innovation is smart. How? New technology, intelligent planning, reduced, reused & recycled materials, energy conservation and free government tax-credit benefits have now finally given green building a clear competitive advantage versus conventional building.

Come In

KOCH Development invites you to come and take a tour of our comfortable homes and see for yourself. You’ll see that our “Green” philosophy incorporates customer needs while using smart technology to determine site-specific energy and conservation requirements all directed at striking a fine balance between smart energy usage, design and most of all, comfort.

Builders Secrets

Most conventional builders push the easiest and cheapest materials to keep expenses low because they’ve given you a bid and the difference goes right in their pocket. They probably told you that green building is a lot more expensive. Not anymore – they’re wrong! Building more efficient by re-using materials, leveraging govt. offers and utilizing newer, smarter building processes guarantee you’re getting the highest return on investment. Still don’t believe it? Ask about our FREE Eco-Audit. You will save significant money.

See It To Believe It

We’re not only eco-friendly – we’re really friendly! We’d like to invite you to take a tour of some recently built projects. You’ll marvel when you see first-hand these talk of -the-neighborhood masterpieces because KOCH Development’s sustainable construction implements both BuilditGreen (California) and LEED rating systems. These highly acclaimed certifications instantly add significant value to your home. Fred Koch, principal of KOCH Development has worked with Federal, State and Municipal governments in implementing Green building development. Many of Koch’s green built residential homes have earned industry awards with both local and national media coverage.